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Best iPad® Apps to Support Content Instruction (Grades 6-12)
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  • Essential Microsoft Office Skills for Teachers & Students

    • Do you become frustrated when using Microsoft Office and find that there are some things you wat to do, but can't? The computer is not a typewriter—there are any differences between entering text on a computer word processor and entering text on a typewriter. Because many learned to enter text on a typewriter, or were taught by someone who learned to enter text on a typewriter, publication standards are not followed: never put two spaces after a period, one of five kinds tabs are used for for indentation, indent with one of the three kinds of indents. Also included are chapters on bit-mapped versus object oriented drawing/painting and spreadsheet functions/formulas as well as a tips and tricks section. Integration the technology into the curriculum with projects for K-Adult.

  • Weaving the Web into the Curriculum

    • Discover how Web 2.0 tools can build web-based communities. Learn how to create using popular web tools such as wikis, blogs, Google, and social bookmarks. Also included are leaning tools such as links to sites to create a quiz, rubric, and survey as well as links to sites that serve as organizers and social networks. See how to share your pictures and files with others. Web 2.0 tools allow students to create information that was, in the past, done by professionals. Student will be engaged and self-motivated user of the 21st century tools. Digital citizenship is explained in its own chapter.

  • The Web 2.0 Toolbox

    • Grab a tool to do a task! Web 2.0 tools are increasing exponentially in number on the Internet. Almost oll of the tools are free and require only an email address and login name with a password. These tools, used in subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, can increase student involvement and engagement. Students using these applications have opportunities to manipulate, collaborate, construct, and create. The Web Toolbox contains collection of useful web sites appropriate for education such as computer utilities (file converters, capture utilities), collaborative tools, sites to create and share audio, images, and specific curricular integration sites.

The iLearn-iTeach series of books focused on the iDevices: iPod™ touch, iPhone™, and iPad™.

  • iLearn iTeach Apps for Curriculum

    • Apps, an abbreviated term for applications for handheld devices, are the 21st century phenomenon. The iPod touch®, iPhone®, and iPad® mobile devices have changed the way we think about computing. We now can hold the computer in the palm of a hand and know thet "there is an app for that." The number of apps available for these mile devices is growing at an exponential rate making it very difficult to keep current. Educators must become familiar with these tools because they are the tools that the "digital natives" are using. A brief explanation, price, and link to the iTunes store is provided for each app listed in this book. This is a great resource for students and teachers alike.

  • iLearn iTeach Apps for the iPad

    • The iPad is the current choice for a personal learning device by many children and adults. Serving as an electronic reading device, productivity suite, educational tutorials, and games as well as hundres of other education solutions, "students" of all ages prefer the iPad. Apps are available for toddlers to the oldes senior citizeen. It is truly a "computer for the rest of us."

    • The second in the series, this book focuses on apps for the iPad, although many of the apps can be used on the iPod touch and iPhone. Many schools and families are adopting the iPad as a learning and creating tool. This book is a good resource with suggestions on what to add to the iPad as well as a chapter on Tips for Using the iPad. Over 85 apps are listed and are different apps from the other books.

  • iLearn iTeach Powerful Utilities for the iPad

    • Although the iPad comes with 18 powerful apps and is a very useful computer out of the box, make it even more powerful with the addition of a variety of utilities. Most of the included apps are free. Apps are also identified that align with Bloom's taxonomy. Over 125 utilities are described that can be added to the iPad enabling it to be as powerful as a desktop or laptop computer. Also include is a chapter with over 20 new tips and tricks for working with the iPad.

  • iLearn iTeach STEM and the iPad (series)

    These books feature apps to engage, excite, and assist in the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Included in the book will be activities students and teachers can use incorporating these apps.

  • Best iPad Apps to Support Content Instruction (Grades 6-12)

  • Best iPad Apps to Enhance Instruction and Strengthen Student Learning

      • This book, soon to be published and for sale, is available to participants of the Bureau of Education & Research seminars which are offered across the United States and Canada.

      • Enhancing STEM Instruction: Making Best Use of Mobile Devices and Digital Resources - Contact to schedule seminar for your school.